Sangita Makaranda ascribed to Narada is an ancient Sanskrit work on Deshi music, which seems to be inclined towards the Tantric stream of religious rituals. This work serves as an important link between ‘Brihaddeshi' and ‘Bharata Bhashyam'. The unique and novel angles provided to the common essentials of music such as-Nada, Shruti, Grama and treatment of Ragas makes it a solitary work of exceptionally special features. Although it is a very important and interesting piece of work, it has not received the due attention of music scholars. Its main feature is the treatiment of Ragas; categorizing them as male female and neuter. The present book The Critical Study of Sangita Makaranda of Narada presents an elaborate and interesting study of all the special features of the original work. The period and date of the work. The period and date of the work Sangita Makaranda has been decided after taking into account the views of various authors and internal evidences. The book comprises a comparative and critical study of all the basic terms appearing in the original work. This work is a rare collection of definitions, descriptions and comments on al the essentials music by other ancient reputed authors-from Bharata to Sharangdeva.